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The Defence Department and those countless businesses that work to support our military know the rigorous levels of quality required. Stringent protocols and narrow margins of error go hand in hand when lives are on the line.

Australian Inhibitor rose to the challenges of providing military grade VCI protection in 2008. Our FERROFOIL is produced in Australia and carries a NATO stock number proving the quality of the product we offer. Ferro Foil offers extraordinarily high barrier properties and is trusted by the Australian Military for the preservation of machinery and artillery with multiple applications running for over a decade.

Supporting our Mil-spec foils are a range of other Australian Inhibitor products ranging from anti-static wraps, reinforced foils and mouldable wraps, through to high performance desiccants all carrying Mil-spec approval. Australian Inhibitor can provide bulk stock or custom build to your exacting specifications.

With a range of monitoring aids both visual and electronic, you can have full confidence in our preservation solution.