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Product – Emitters



Multimetal VCI protection in a safe, clean, dry and easy to use format.

  • Ideal for the storage and transportation of electronic equipment
  • Protects even in the presence of microscopic moisture particles
  • Effective even in regularly opened enclosures
  • One disk offers proven protection for up to 0.30 cubic metres
EMITTER#10 55 55 9

Looking for packaging solutions for electronic equipments?

At Australian Inhibitor, we have emitters designed to serve as rust corrosion inhibitors and keeps products secure. In case you are looking for an electrical corrosion inhibitor, this product is ideal for you.

Multimetal VCI protection in a safe, clean, dry and easy to use format.

  • Ideal for storage and transportation of electronic equipment
  • Protects even in the presence of microscopic moisture particles
  • Effective even in regularly opened enclosures
  • One disk offers proven protection for up to 0.30 cubic metres

Buy Electrical Corrosion Inhibitor in Australia

A corrosion inhibitor is an essential component of metal maintenance and we have some of the finest protective solutions to offer you. Our range of rust inhibitors can be used for an array of application and form a protective barrier to prevent the formation of rust from developing on surfaces. Truly remarkable products for use against corrosion, our electrical corrosion inhibitors offer a convenient way of extending the longevity of your products. They also ensure that the maintenance cost is reduced and you do not need to invest more on replacement of damaged parts.

At Australian Inhibitor, we take pride in the quality of our products and are here to offer products that are the ideal option for various packaged goods. Offering unrivalled protection, we have effective and long-lasting anti-corrosion inhibitors. By offering protection against moisture, our range of inhibitors makes the perfect choice for metal surface maintenance. In case you wish to know more, feel free to get in touch with us.

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