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Product – Shrink Films

Shrink Films

Australian Inhibitor Shrink Film, is a strong, robust, hard wearing 2 way shrink film. For strong, hard wearing wraps this is the material you need.
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Using our range of custom made rotary heat sealers and unique production platform, Australian Inhibitors experienced production team can tailor a solution to your exact needs. Allow us to Convert our Mighty Shrink roll stock for you.
Custom bags in styles ranging from envelope, gusset, box or something totally unique can be provided to package products ranging from circuit boards to large machinery.

Our film may be up to an extraordinary 12m in width but thanks to folding techniques at the extrusion stage or rolls are never wider than 1.65m

MS12M50-200 12000 50 200
MS6M50-200 6000 50 200
Custom Production